Recipient Area Holes and Slits

■ Ring blockade with articaine and adrenaline (e.g., Ultracain DS-forte or Septanest with adrenaline 1/100,000). Be careful to use an intradermal injection technique and avoid subgaleal infiltration.

■ Infiltration with prilocaine 0.5 % with adrenaline in the treatment area.

In addition, inject 0.9 % saline solution to achieve intradermal and subdermal tumescence. Allow 10-15 min for the solution to take effect.

Be careful to work in the direction of hair growth. The use of a magnifying device with a power of 2-4X is recommended. Following the hairline design, punch out 0.8 mm holes for transplants containing 1-2 hairs.

After punching between 5 and 10 holes, make a test transplant to determine whether the transplants can be inserted without any problems. For example, check whether the size and depth of the holes are sufficient.

Never transplant hair only along the marked line, as this results in an unsightly "pearl necklace effect". A feathered hairline is the effect you want to achieve: "irregular regularity" is the key word here! Use the laser for bald areas; switch to cold steel methods in areas still covered by dense hair. Make continual test transplants to check the suitability of the holes. If necessary, change the laser setting. Use slender angled tweezers.

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