Prospects What Is the Future of Aesthetic Surgery

There has been a boom in aesthetic surgery all over the world and the rate of growth has doubled. The age of patients ranges from 14 to 80 years and every fifth cosmetic operation is now requested by a man. Research into new materials, implants, instruments and equipment, even robot-controlled operation modules, is important for the further development of aesthetic surgery, but these can never replace the skill of the aesthetic surgeon. A first-rate aesthetic surgeon must not only be well-trained; he must also be a psychologist and an artist if he wants good results.

The fundamental requirement, however, is correct training.

Aesthetic surgery is high-tech surgery. It has a fixed position in society and must establish itself as an independent, interdisciplinary specialty. Aesthetic surgery must no longer be taught as an appendage to the specialties of surgery, plastic surgery, ENT surgery or maxillofacial surgery, but must be taught over a 3-year advanced training period following high-quality surgical or plastic surgery training and acknowledged as a specialty with a recognized title. This is my hope for the future, as only this will make it possible for us to achieve worldwide quality assurance and make aesthetic surgery a recognized specialist surgical discipline.

Aesthetic surgeons should work together with specialists in all disciplines whom they could learn from, and with whom they should exchange their knowledge at conferences throughout the world, never forgetting the Hippocratic oath. Aesthetic surgery should not be "alteration surgery" but rather "well-being surgery." We have understood our profession correctly if we are able to make patients feel good.

As president of the International Society of Aesthetic Surgery (ISAS*), in the future I would like to give all young colleagues with an interest in this field an opportunity to become members and make the specialty of aesthetic surgery accessible in a yearly "exchange of ideas." Only when the range of treatments is improved and developed further internationally, and there is a spirit of cooperation among surgeons, will we be able to gain better recognition within society for this field. I hope that this manual can play a part in this and my dream one day, of standardized training leading to the title "aesthetic surgeon," will become a reality.

* International Society of Aesthetic Surgery, Graf Lennart Bernadotte-Strafie 1, 88131 Lindau, Germany.

Aesthetic surgery is a specialty of the future. Young doctors are

^ extremely interested in this field. Doctors from all over the world visit

£ Prof. Mang's clinic every day. The Manual of Aesthetic Surgery, Volumes I

g and II, forms the basis for comprehensive training in the field of aes-

^ thetic surgery.

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