Nerve Exit Points Supraorbital Nerve Infraorbital Nerve Mental Nerve

Facelift Without Surgery

An alternative approach to perioral rhytides

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If adjuvant therapies are not combined with operations (e.g., a facelift), they are performed under local anesthesia and as day-case treatment. Nerve block anesthesia with Ultracain 1% (articaine) and additional adrenaline have proved to be successful. When treating the entire face by laser or chemical peeling, light sedation also can be induced with Dormicum (midazolam) with anesthesiology stand-by. No more than 30 ml 1% local anesthesia solution should be injected. Particularly sensitive areas (e.g., lips) can be infiltrated separately, in addition to nerve block anesthesia.

With all operations carried out as day cases, a venous line and, if necessary, antibiotic prophylaxis are recommended.

Supraorbital nerve

Infraorbital nerve

Supraorbitary Nerve

Mental nerve

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