| Dermabrasion demands experience, skill, and concentration from the doctor carrying out the treatment. If performed well, the results for dermabrasion are very good, particularly in the perioral region and the area of the lips. The doctor's experience will determine whether he/she chooses to use chemical peeling, laser treatment, or abrasion treatment. This depends on the patient's age and skin type.

The abrasion head, which is coated with diamond dust, must be supported and held perpendicular to the plane of rotation. The pressure on the burr should always be the same to avoid creating grooves. Dermabra-sion should not be performed below the level of the dermis. After-care consists of placing a wound gauze soaked in antibiotic ointment on the wound. This dressing is removed after 24 h. The face is treated with dexpanthenol ointment for a further 8 days. Make-up may be applied after epithelization of the wound surface. It is necessary to protect the skin from the sun or even avoid the sun for 3 months (pigment abnormalities).

More information can be found in Volume I, pp 244-250 Report - Technique

■ Protective goggles should be worn during the procedure. The operation site should be draped and disinfected carefully. The skin should be tightened by an assistant. Level/flat surfaces can be created by stretching the skin. This facilitates abrasion and permits the application of treatment at an exact depth. Skin tension must be maintained during the entire abrasion procedure. The abrasion head, which is coated with extremely fine diamond dust, must always be kept perpendicular to the plane of rotation. It should not be guided in the direction of rotation. Instead, it should be moved over the surface of the skin against the rotation of the abrasion head at an angle of 90° and slight pressure should be applied. Punctiform, superficial bleeding is the most reliable indicator that the grinding procedure has reached the optimal depth. Abrasion should not be performed at a deeper level.

■ Dermabrasion is complete when an even wound surface with fine, punc-tiform/diffuse bleeding has been created. A wound gauze soaked in antibiotic ointment is then placed over the wound.

Upper Lip Dermabrasion


Upper Lip Dermabrasion

A 54-year-old patient with wrinkles in the perioral and upper lip areas. Findings 12 months after dermabrasion.

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