Facelift Without Surgery

An alternative approach to perioral rhytides

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Chemical peeling falls into the dermatologist's sphere and can be studied in full in textbooks covering this field. The same applies to all types of 5

laser treatment. These two procedures are therefore discussed only briefly in this manual.

Chemical peeling includes various types of peeling, which differ in terms of the intensity (e.g., fruit acid, glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acid, trichloroacetic acid, phenol). The application of the agents appears simple, but experience is vital and an expert assessment of the skin areas is essential.

The key to successful peeling is to apply the solution evenly and homogeneously, to provide accurate information about the risks (scarring and abnormal pigmentation), and to carry out the correct follow-up treatment.

Further information can be found in Volume I, pp 274-278.

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