GMarking the Individual Incision Line

2 ■ Before the operation, the midline from the xiphoid process to the mons

§ pubis and the W-shaped or arched horizontal incision line will be

S marked on the patient, who should be standing. The horizontal incision line should be marked in the pubic hair boundary to approximately 3-4 cm caudal to the anterior superior iliac spine on both sides or steeper/straighter according to the requirements and the patient's characteristics. Therefore, the most wide-ranging incision variations are possible, depending on the individual findings for the patient. It is important that the incision line is marked in the relaxed skin tension lines, preferably does not extend beyond the bikini region, and is selected in such a way that a vertical incision is not required. It may also be useful to mark the course of the costal arch for orientation.

Relaxed Skin Tension Lines

a: Lower border of the incision edge b: Lower boundary of the navel p o in mi o d b A

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