Foreword by S Malakhov

I first became acquainted with Prof. Mang in 2002 when he performed surgery at the St. Petersburg Medical Academy at the invitation of Prof. Zapessotsky. Many plastic surgeons watched him doing this and were fascinated by his atraumatic operation technique. One of my assistants went to Prof. Mang's clinic at Lake Constance for further study and reported back on the friendly and excellent training received in Prof. Mang's clinic.

On the occasion of his visit to St. Petersburg, Prof. Mang presented me with the first volume of the Manual of Aesthetic Surgery. I was impressed by the clear and concise way in which cosmetic operations were explained. This concept of audiovisual teaching was unknown at that time in Russia. All of my colleagues who have an interest in the subject of aesthetic and plastic surgery were also impressed with this manual.

The first volume dealt with cosmetic operations in the head/neck area, and the second volume describes cosmetic operations in the trunk area in a way that is just as clear and comprehensible. It is an ideal textbook for learning about aesthetic surgery; this type of operation has not previously been taught in this form, particularly in Russia.

I witnessed Prof. Mang's hospitality on the occasion of the International Conference for Aesthetic Surgery in Lindau in July 2003. I was impressed not only with the scientific part of the conference in which 600 people participated, but also with the social event on the occasion of the opening of Prof. Mang's new clinic.

There are plans to strengthen further and intensify this relationship between the clinic at Lake Constance and the Medical Academy in St. Petersburg. I wish Prof. Mang much success for Volume 2 of the Manual of Aesthetic Surgery.

Finally, I would like to complete my foreword by giving you a little information on the history of plastic surgery in Russia:

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