Foreword by M S Mackowski

After training in the field of plastic surgery for more than 20 years and holding the position of Consultant at the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Ruhr University, Bochum, I have been the Leading Consultant and Deputy Clinical Director at the Bodenseeklinik in Lindau since 2004.

It was at this hospital, where aesthetic surgery is carried out and taught to the highest standards, that I first became familiar with Professor Mang's philosophy. He believes that aesthetic surgery is an interdisciplinary specialty in which mutual cooperation makes it possible to learn a huge amount.

During my numerous visits to plastic and aesthetic surgeons abroad, I have not found a hospital specializing in the field of aesthetic surgery anywhere which is as large, modern and well-organized as the Bodenseeklinik. It is not only aesthetic operations that are performed to the highest standards at the Bodenseeklinik; all types of plastic and reconstructive surgery are also carried out here, with a particular focus on breast reconstruction.

As Professor Mang's deputy, I have also got to know his human side and soon realized that in addition to having many years of surgical experience, he has a huge sense of responsibility towards his patients, an impeccable understanding of indications and an impressive desire to achieve. If Professor Mang can sometimes be impatient and demands too much from his colleagues, he is most importantly direct, kind and sincere.

I am extremely pleased that I will be able to assist Professor Mang in shaping the hospital over the coming years and foresee that a third volume dealing with breast reductions, breast lifts, body lifts, hints and tips for aesthetic operations and advanced surgical techniques for the facial, breast and abdominal areas will follow the successful Volume 1 (head and neck) and Volume 2 (torso).

Dr. med. M. S. Mackowski Specialist in Plastic Surgery Leading Consultant at the Bodenseeklinik Lindau, Germany

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