Foreword by H U Steinau

The second volume of Werner L. Mang's Manual of Aesthetic Surgery brings together his group of experienced plastic surgeons and specialized ENT and maxillofacial colleagues to share their profound personal knowledge in treating the most common aesthetic problem areas.

The new chapters "Implantation and Adjuvant Treatment of Wrinkles", "Hair Transplantation","Liposuction" and "Body Contouring, Including Aesthetic Breast Surgery and Abdominoplasty" provide basic guidelines for safe and proper procedures and step-by-step operative details for different body regions.

Anatomical landmarks and potential pitfalls are clearly depicted and discussed. The publisher has provided coloured pictures of excellent quality with concommitant schematic drawings.

The chapters explain the selection of optimal operative strategies and details are given on their basic instrumental supplementation, surgical principles and potential problems. Advanced planning and selection of safe solutions are followed by various anesthetic regimens including tumescence techniques, which are now used routinely in ambulatory surgery.

Taken as a whole, the second volume represents a valuable contribution that will provide novices during residency with a broad-based training program. Its interesting case collections and methodologies afford experienced aesthetic surgeons with the opportunity to critically compare their preferred treatment options with convincing "second opinions".

Professor Mang and his multidisciplinary team are to be commended for their continuous educational efforts and outstanding didactic accomplishments.

Professor Dr. med. Hans U. Steinau Department of Plastic Surgery and Burns BG-University Hospital "Bergmannsheil" RU-Bochum, Germany

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