Foreword by D Millesi

Aesthetic surgery has developed with enormous velocity over the past decade. Owing to the growing number of patients undergoing aesthetic surgery, it is not only more and more accepted in a wider range of our population, but also has to fulfill the growing expectations of very critical patients.

Many new techniques are at our disposition and the number is constantly growing. Apart from basic techniques, detailed technical points become more and more important for the successful outcome. It is nearly impossible to provide a complete survey of all techniques available today in a single textbook, not to mention the variety of technical details that are frequently not described. It is to W. L. Mang's credit that he elected the forum of a manual instead of a large textbook to present his great personal experience. In the first volume of his manual, W. L. Mang described his personal experience with rhinoplasty, rhytidectomy, eyelid surgery, and otoplasty. His techniques and his tricks are presented in the form of very instructive sketches, and any surgeon who wants to enter the field of aesthetic surgery can do this easily following the impressive illustrations. Now the second part of the Manual of Aesthetic Surgery is available. It covers liposuction, breast implants, hair transplantation, aesthetic surgery of the extremities, and abdominal plastic surgery. These regional chapters are complemented by a chapter of adjuvant therapies, including lipotransfer. The new volume is designed according to the same principles as the first volume. Again, the main focus is on the illustrations, which are easy to follow and help the reader to understand the individual surgical steps. In addition to the excellent optical presentations, a DVD is included, providing audiovisual presentations. I personally have had enormous profit from the brilliant images, and I am sure that the second volume will help beginners in this field in the same way. It would be advantageous if all prominent surgeons in aesthetic surgery would present their professional experience in way similar to W.L. Mang.

Prim. Dr. med. Dagmar Millesi

Fachärztin für plastische und ästhetische Chirurgie

Vienna, Austria

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