Foreword by D L Feinendegen

Aesthetic surgery has experienced exceptionally rapid growth over the last few years. There has been a continual increase in the number of people requesting such operations and, alongside specialists in plastic surgery, more and more doctors from other specialist surgical fields are now working in this area. Until now, however, it has been possible to acquire sound training in aesthetic surgery within Europe in only a few large hospitals. Doctors interested in this field therefore often have to move abroad to obtain experience in aesthetic surgery.

Professor Mang has been working to establish training in aesthetic surgery for many years. His greatest contribution has been to ensure interdisciplinary cooperation between plastic surgeons, ENT specialists, oral surgeons, and other surgeons active in the field of aesthetic surgery. Professor Mang has already made these ideas a reality in his new clinic.

With his two manuals on aesthetic surgery, Professor Mang has created a foundation for training in aesthetic surgery. The first volume has already made a strong impression, with its clear structure and excellent, step-by-step diagrams that make even difficult surgical techniques easy to understand. The manuals appeal particularly to young doctors who are having their first experience with aesthetic surgery. The additional option of audiovisual learning, provided by the integrated DVDs, underlines Professor Mang's modern teaching concept.

The two manuals reflect Professor Mang's tireless dedication to the task of continuing to establish the field of aesthetic surgery. I myself have come to value Professor Mang as a teacher and wish him continued success in making his ideas a reality. I hope that as many doctors as possible will be able to profit from these ideas, ultimately contributing to the welfare of patients.

Dr. med. Dominik L. Feinendegen Spezialarzt FMH für Plastisch-Rekonstruktive und Ästhetische Chirurgie Zollikon, Switzerland

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