Follicular Unit Preparation Minigrafts Micrografts Single Hairs

■ The donor strip is placed on a non-slip sterile wooden board and sliced into small segments. Work with magnifying spectacles or a binocular microscope.

■ Avoid transection. Fix the skin firmly. Avoid multiple incisions.

■ The segments are divided further into strips; the follicular units are now arranged in a row on a piece of gauze.

■ As part of the preparation work, the units are separated and sorted into single-hair units or units containing 2-4 hairs.

■ For larger numbers of hair transplants, two to three trained surgical assistants are required for the preparation work.

■ Replace scalpel blades frequently. Do not crush the hair follicles!

■ The dissected follicular units are sorted into rows of 10 units each.

■ A total of 10 rows per gauze strip and Petri dish equals 100 follicular units or grafts. Cool the saline solution sufficiently before use. Keep the transplants moist at all times!

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