Fixation Suture on the Pubic Bone with 20 Monocryl

■ Following skin resection the inguinal ligament is dissected deeply using dissecting scissors. The same applies to the pubic bone further caudally. The periosteum of the pubic bone can be felt easily. Suturing to connect the subcutaneous fascia and adipose tissue of the cutaneous flap with the periosteum of the pubic bone may be carried out using a 2.0 Monocryl suture. We have the best experience with Monocryl and there has never been any impairment to wound healing. Owing to the long absorption rate, Monocryl has the same life as a monofilament cutaneous suture.

Monocryl SutureAesthetic Suture

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  • thomas clark
    How to resect pubic bone?
    8 years ago

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