Before the operation - semioblique view, left

Before the operation - view from left

After the operation - semioblique view, left
290 Cohesive Gel Implants
After the operation - side view, left

Patient I: Twelve Months After the Implant

Normal wound healing, no scar formation, no fibrosis.

The breast has an anatomical shape with a round implant.

Before the operation - oblique view, left
Twelve months after the operation. Oblique view, left

Patient II: This is a 45-year-old patient who had given birth twice. She expressed a desire to have breasts like she had before the births, now that she had finished having children. A supramuscular implantation with a 260-g round, low-profile implant was carried out using the supramuscu-lar access on this patient.

Twelve months after the operation: The breast shows no scar formation and has a natural shape. An outsider would not notice that breast augmentation had taken place.

Chirurgie Nuss

Before the operation io ti a t n e m g a e

Before the operation

Twelve months after the operation

Patient III: 32-year old patient with breast hypoplasia and thin skin covering with prominent sternum. Implant 290, submuscular. It is up to the experienced surgeon to decide whether a submuscular implant is appropriate. If there is any doubt, then the submuscular implant is the safe option. There has been no definitive scientific clarification relating to the incidence of capsular fibrosis.

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Transaxilary Silcone Breast Placement

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