Duplicate Patient Information

The patient is first given comprehensive information about the objectives and risks of the procedure on the day of the first consultation. A written record is kept of this.

One day before the surgical procedure, the patient is again given comprehensive information on two separate occasions: once by the surgeon and once by the surgical resident. All the risks are set down in writing at this time.

Although one tries to achieve symmetry before the intervention by precisely drawing the areas of skin that are to be removed, after the operation there may still be small differences between the sides. If this is very unsightly, it is possible to compensate by making a small extra intervention under local anesthesia without a need to admit the patient. During the first few weeks after the operation, the scars frequently move cau-dally.

If the patient is also given a buttock lift, he/she must be made aware that the shape is primarily determined by the musculature and cannot be substantially changed by the intervention.

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