Determining the Size and Shape of the Implant

The shape and size of the implant depend on the individual. The operating surgeon must have a stock of implants that comprises all common sizes and shapes (anatomical, round, etc.). The size is dictated by the skin and muscle conditions. If, as an operating surgeon, one is faced with the decision of using a larger or smaller implant, then as a novice one should choose the smaller implant. At the beginning the selection of the shape of the implant is not so crucial. This is also something one can talk about with the patient before the operation using implant samples. It is definitely not wrong to begin with round low-profile implants*. Later one can then incorporate other shapes into one's repertoire.

*Inamed Aesthetics GmbH, Hansa-Allee 201,40549 Düsseldorf, Germany

The sizers produced by implant manufacturers are helpful when it comes to determining the implant to be used. Implants of any size can be simulated. The incorporation of the sizer is trouble-free and involves the assistant holding open the operative access using a Langenbeck retractor. The sizer is filled up until the agreed breast size is obtained. The same procedure is repeated on the opposite side. The sizer also enables one to balance out differences in the size of the breasts very well.

¡¡3 Together with INAMED we are also developing sizers of different shapes, which means that it is possible, intraoperatively, not only to determine E the size, but also the selection of the shape. As a result one can determine

= more easily what shape of implant is best for each type of breast.

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