Cross Section of the Tissue 6 Months After Liposuction with Preservation of the Infrastructural Connective Tissue ICT

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Six months after liposuction using the tumescence technique and cannulas less than 4.0 mm in size you can see that the infrastructural connective tissue has been preserved.

Fat Cells Cannula

1. Epidermis

3. Tumefied fat cells

4. Muscle

Less Haired Mons Pubis

1. Epidermis

2. Film of fat

3. Infrastructural supporting tissue (ISM)

4. Muscles

The endoscopic image shows the intraoperative findings. The most important point when carrying out liposuction is that a so-called fat film is preserved in the upper section and that the connective tissue below it is preserved. This causes the "chewing gum" effect whereby the undamaged connective tissue septa contract after liposuction, tightening the skin.

You can see from the aspirate, which contains almost entirely fat with no blood, that only a small amount of tissue has been destroyed.

Mons VenerisKnock Wrinkle Cross Section

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