Course of Action After the Operation Precautionary Measures

■ Correct postoperative treatment after thigh and buttock lifts is very important to ensure long-term satisfactory results.

■ For 24 h after the operation there should be bed rest and monitoring on the ward. Careful mobilization aided by a nurse starts the day after the operation. Moving the thighs apart should be avoided so as to prevent unnecessary traction on the wound. So as not to impair wound healing, any tension on the sutures should be avoided when the patient stands up. Legs should be moved regularly to promote the return blood flow.

■ The Redon drains are removed painlessly after 1-2 days. While the patient is on the ward, lymph drainage and physiotherapy are recommended.

■ The fresh scars are treated postoperatively for 3 weeks using dexpenthanol ointment and subsequently treated with silicone plasters for 2 months. The made-to-measure compression girdle should be worn for 4 weeks after the operation to prevent swelling and edema. After this one can resume sport activities.

■ Antibiotic prophylaxis with cefaclor and embolism prophylaxis using low-molecular-weight heparin is only indicated during the stay on the ward.

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