Breast Augmentation

■ Introduction 3

■ Breast Implants 5

■ Anatomical Overview 7

■ Instruments 8

■ Duplicate Patient Information 13

■ Preliminary Examinations 13

■ Photographic Documentation 13

■ Surgical Planning 14

° ■ Incision Line in the Case of Submammary Access 16

■ Definition of the Subsequent Breast or Implant Size by Establishing the Distance Between the Lower Margin of the Nipple and the Subsequent Inframammary Fold 17

■ Positioning of the Patient, Disinfection of the Operating Area 18 O ■ Tumescence 18

o ■ Submammary Incision 20 ° ■ Preparation, Step 1 20

■ Preparation, Step 2: Precise Demonstration of the Caudal, Medial and Lateral Borders of Pectoralis Major 22

■ Deep, Blunt Dissection 23

■ Wound Revision and Hemostasis Using the Illuminated Retractor and Bipolar Tweezers 24

o ■ Determining the Size and Shape of the Implant 24

■ Fitting the Final Implant 26

■ Exact Positioning of the Implant 28

The symbol o indicates parts of the procedures shown in the video.

■ Two-Layer, Atraumatic Wound Closure Using 4.0 Monocryl 30

Breast Augmentation - Submuscular Access 34

■ Literature 45

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