Anatomy of Liposuction of theAbdomen Hips Thighs

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Liposuction of the abdominal/hip region is the most frequently requested procedure, particularly by men. Only individual zones should ever be treated with liposuction, i.e., abdomen/hips or outer and inner thighs and buttock region (saddle area), as first the amount of tumescence that can be injected is limited (maximum 61) and second the procedure would be too stressful for the patient. As the navel region is particularly sensitive, a lot of tumescence must be used here. Liposuction of both hips or the upper and lower abdomen is carried out in a fan shape with the patient frequently changing position. Liposuction should be carried out carefully in the upper abdominal area, and a thin layer of fat should be left below the skin, as otherwise dimples will form and there can be loose skin.

Inguinal Lymph Nodes

Anatomical Overview

1. M.obliquus ext.abdominis

2. M. rectus abdominis

3. Inguinal ligament

4. M.tensor fasciae latae

5. M.iliacus

6. M.iliopsoas

7. Superficial inguinal lymph nodes

8. M.pectineus

9. M.adductor longus

10. Long saphenous vein

11. M.sartorius

12. Saphenous vein, lateral accessory

13. M.gracilis

14. M. rectus femoris

15. Iliotibial tract

16. M. vastus lateralis

17. M. vastus medialis

18. Patella

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