With a project of this size it is impossible to give adequate acknowledgment to everyone who contributed: My family, whose patience with me is herculean; my students, who had to tolerate my rantings, ravings, and frequent mistakes; my colleagues, from whom I learned so much and often failed to give adequate attribution. Certainly the most profound contribution to this project was from the Creator who made it all possible in the first place. I don't know how He did it, but it was a truly astounding achievement. To all involved, thanks.

University of Utah James Keener

Between the three of them, Jim Murray, Charlie Peskin and Dan Tranchina have taught me almost everything I know about mathematical physiology. This book could not have been written without them, and I thank them particularly for their, albeit unaware, contributions. Neither could this book have been written without many years of support from my parents and my wife, to whom I owe the greatest of debts.

University of Michigan

James Sneyd

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